UnityUI + Android Back Button

When creating a game for Android it is very important to implement the back button in UI navigation. Without it Google will not consider you for a spotlight. It is, however, very easy to implement. In Unity the the escape button is mapped to the back button so we can use that. If you have your games UI created with UnityUI it can be even simpler with this script (original source below). Attach this script to any button and then select what action, out of the drop down, is the equivalent of pushing the button. So if we map this to escape, we can make the button respond to back button presses. This script can also be handy to create keyboard shortcuts.


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DotODot – Global Game Jam 2016

You are alone, just a tiny crystal dot in a frigid, gravity-bending asteroid field. You came this way long ago, but you’ve forgotten the way. Dimly, you remember the actions necessary to pass each trial, but not how to use them. Perhaps things have changed in the many thousands of years since last you came this way. As your crystal material gathers interstellar radiation, you can use it to move yourself, or even, to warp gravity itself. Now, you must traverse the asteroid field using those half-forgotten rituals of the past. Move with the arrow keys and use space to activate a modifier. You must reach the portal at the end of the level to move to the next level.

Use arrow keys to move and space to use action. Has controller support.

Play now!

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Half Sheet copy

Galactic Junk – or how I learned that making a good game is hard!


A year ago I created a game called Galactic Junk for iOS and Android. It is a top down space shooter where you shoot to move and try to make it as far as you can out in space. As you traveled further out into space you would find enemies of increasing difficulty. It included power ups, online leader boards, mission, and upgrades. This game was a flop.

The game got maybe a 1000 downloads on Android in the last year and the iOS version does not even work currently. We even ended up selling it to Armor Games for 1 month exclusivity for 300 dollars. It is one of the worst rated games on the site. We released it on multiple other game sites such as Game Jolt and New Grounds with mixed reviews. Game Jolt ended up putting it on the site and it did pretty well. People on New Grounds hated it. Reading all the comments, we always noticed something.


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Last Feedback Friday (I think ;-)


APK (note this is not same as the play alpha)

Type of feedback we are looking for:

  • Did you complete any missions?
  • Do you find the utilities useful?
  • Do the power-up notification help?
  • Did you collect enough junk money to buy an upgrade for a power up? If so what did you upgrade?
  • How does it perform on your android device? (Please list device)
  • If nothing else could you at least post your score? (thank you!)

Things we changed:

  • new missions
  • optimized
  • utilities
  • creature index
  • made things cheaper
  • added power-up notifications

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Feedback Friday, It has been a long time!

Galactic Junk aka Space Junk

Unity WebPlayer & Android Google Play Beta

This is a mobile game made in unity. The link above is the webplayer test version.

This game is a space shooter where you use your turret to move around in space and try to get to different sectors. Which ever way you shoot will project you into the opposite direction. You must balance both shooting with moving while avoiding asteroids and defeating enemies. The goal right now is to get the furthest.


  • Mouse to aim.
  • Left click to shoot

(thats it!)

Type of feedback we are looking for:

  • What sector did you get to? (try to get to at least 2)
  • Is it the right kind of difficult?
  • Would an upgrade store like in Jetpack Joyride benefit the game?
  • How do you like the enemies?
  • Would you play this on your phone?
  • Would you pay for this game and how much?
  • Do you enjoy it more on the phone or webplayer?

Things new in this build:

  • There are new enemies
  • Each sector has a new set of enemies
  • New particle effects for death of some enemies
  • Some enemies have a glowing effect instead of health bar
  • New tweaking on ship
  • Increased Performance
  • New art

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